Favorite spots in Cuenca #2 – Rio Yanuncay

When I need to escape city life, I can retreat to this amazing river only a 5 minute walk from home. I walk or run here whenever I can. The Rio Yanuncay is the second largest (of four rivers) in Cuenca, and urban planners must have had a field day with this one as there is a walkway along the river for several miles. Along the way, you’ll find benches, playgrounds, nice landscaping, and (this was new for me) exercise machines.

2015_0314aBetween about 6 and 8 am, the trails are packed with people running, walking, cycling, and building muscle strength on those exercise machines.


These trails are full of people in the morning and late afternoon, but rather quiet during midday.


Along either side of the park along the river, you’ll find shops, homes, and sometimes, some swanky-looking apartment buildings.


There’s some really nice landscaping – and although I’ve never seen anyone working here, I never see any trash or dog excrement (despite the large number of stray dogs that pass through here each day).


There are exercise machines in every big park in the city. Along the Yanuncay, you’ll find these machines about every mile along the river. They are heavily used, but pretty sturdy. Leg press, anyone?


While riding the exercise bike, you can gaze up the hill at the Church of Turi.


Eucalyptus are ubiquitous in Ecuador – brought over from Australia some time ago. Despite the fact that it’s non-native, the Ecuadorians encourage it, as they use the wood for everything from fires to light construction. The park always smells like Eucalyptus after a light rain.


On Sundays and holidays the grassy banks of the river, or the shady spots beneath the trees are packed with families having picnics and barbeques.


It was easy to choose this place as one of my ‘Favorite spots in Cuenca!’

3 thoughts on “Favorite spots in Cuenca #2 – Rio Yanuncay

  1. Gorgeous, brilliant idea regarding the exercise machines, that’s a concept to bring back here.
    Stay well and have fun.


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