I am a professor of meteorology, climatology and paleoclimatology at the University of Northern Colorado (UNCO). I started this blog during my sabbatical in the 2014-2015 academic year. From February-July 2015, I traveled to Ecuador, where I had a Fulbright Core Grant to spend six months teaching and researching Andean climate in Cuenca, Ecuador, at the University of Cuenca. I used this blog to share my sabbatical experiences with students, colleagues, friends, and family.  I also hoped to dispel the popular notion that a sabbatical is ‘a year off!’

Since 2014 I’ve been sharing my adventures in travel, in science, and in life. Now, in 2023, I’m off to Vietnam on another Fulbright! I hope you will follow along!

For the non-academics who read this blog, I hope that you’ll get some inspiration to travel and explore the world, and learn a bit about the science of weather and climate change. For the academics, I hope this blog will provide inspiration, but also some insights and suggestions for those of you hoping to take a sabbatical and/or work abroad for awhile.

I welcome comments and questions in this blog, but all blog posts will be moderated to filter out inappropriate, irrelevant, or malicious comments. I welcome differences of opinion, but not malicious personal attacks.



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