Favorite Spots in Cuenca #4 – Parque Calderon

I’ve been in a lot of cities in the US, Europe, and elsewhere, where I avoid sitting in parks because I just don’t feel comfortable. I don’t like being approached by vendors, beggars, charities, missionaries or shoeshiners. When I sit in a park, I really just want to relax and watch all the people. 2015_0401gFor a city the size of Cuenca, Parque Calderon, in the heart of the city, is pretty low-key. And despite the fact that I have been approached by shoeshiners, missionaries, and local students who have been required to interview English-speakers for their homework, none of these people have been overly aggressive. (In fact, being a teacher I enjoy doing some reverse questioning on the teenagers who are trying to interview me). 2015_0401f So I have come to really enjoy wandering through the park – especially on Saturdays, when there is often a band in the gazebo, photographers out taking pictures of kids with toys or a friendly St. Bernard, and a lady that sells these little cream-puffs for 10 cents each. 2015_0401aThe vegetation is always beautiful, and when the sun shines, the cathedral is gorgeous. Unlike parks I’ve visited in many other cities, I never see graffiti – I don’t know whether that’s because they are always repainting the benches, or because people are really proud of this place. I don’t really see evidence of frequent repainting. Overall, this is a really easy place to hang-out for awhile and eat an ice cream – or a cream puff.


The gazebo at Parque Calderon, where you often find a band, or dancers (I’ve seen both break-dancers and tango dancers practicing and performing here – not at the same time!)


The lady who frequently sells yummy cream puffs in the park.



Some of Cuenca’s picturesque colonial architecture. Note the heavy-looking dark clouds in the background. That’s the sky on a nice day here.

4 thoughts on “Favorite Spots in Cuenca #4 – Parque Calderon

  1. Your photos really give us a great idea of what the park looks like. I think you have a great eye! I wish we had a park like that in Hollister! Being a cook, I’d love to talk to the cream puff lady and find out her recipe. They look delicious.


  2. Wonderful pictures. I guess if that photo of the dark sky was taken on a good day, the weather there must not be the greatest. It’s really nice that you’re in a city that is safe enough for you to wander in alone. Enjoy!!


    • In the past five weeks or so there has been A LOT of rain. Amazingly, the past three days have been dry – and today is one of the few mornings I’ve had sunshine coming through my window. So maybe we’re getting a bit of a break! March and April are historically wet months. But people tell me that the rain has been more than normal. Wish I could send it to California!


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